Interior Walls and Ceilings

Water Resistant
No need to replace them in case of water damage - just let them dry.
Fire Resistant
This material is non-flammable.
Impact Resistant
Requires fewer repairs and touch-ups.
Mold Resistant
Mold and mildew cannot develop due to their anti-microbial composition.
Termite Resistant
Termites and rodents do not feed off this inert material.
Their dimensional properties remain stable under a wide range of temperature and humidity variances.
Their homogenous composition does not allow for delamination, increasing their durability and resistance.
Soundproofing Properties
Due to their high density, the boards contribute to decreasing and attenuating sound transfer.
Structural Properties
No need for blocking - cabinets and other elements can be fixed directly to the wall and they can be used in structural assemblies.


Overview:  KLEAN BOARD for Interior Walls and Ceilings are available in two thicknesses: 12mm or 15mm

These boards were developped to offer an incomparable resistance to impacts and abuse.  They are fire - mold - mildew - rodent - insect resistant.  They do not delaminate.  The edges are straight and even.  The long edges are tapered to allow finishing the joints with a fibreglass tape and joint compound.  The boards are tested according to ULC S101-07, with a 60 minutes (1-hour) fire resistance.

Properties: Finishing board that offers added blocking properties

  • Impact and abuse resistant
  • Fire resistant : 60 minutes
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Tested:  ASTM E119-12 & CAN/ULC S101-07

  • 60 minutes (fire resistance, non combustion characteristics, surface combustion)

ASTM E84 & UL723/ULC S102

  • Flame spread index = 0
  • Smoke developed index = 0
  • Class A

Physical data

Thickness Weight
12mm (1/2") 1.187 kg (2.612 lbs)/sq. ft.
15mm (5/8") 1.468 kg (3.231 lbs)/sq. ft.
Dimensions Edges
1220 x 2440 (4' x 8') Tapered on long side
1220 x 2743 (4' x 9') Square on short side
1220 x 3050 (4' x 10')
Fire resistant
Impact resistant
Mold resistant
Termite resistant