Insulated Sub-Floor for Basements

Water Resistant
No need to replace them in case of water damage - just let them dry.
Fire Resistant
This material is non-flammable.
Impact Resistant
Requires fewer repairs and touch-ups.
Mold Resistant
Mold and mildew cannot develop due to their anti-microbial composition.
Termite Resistant
Termites and rodents do not feed off this inert material.
Their dimensional properties remain stable under a wide range of temperature and humidity variances.
Their homogenous composition does not allow for delamination, increasing their durability and resistance.
Soundproofing Properties
Due to their high density, the boards contribute to decreasing and attenuating sound transfer.
Structural Properties
No need for blocking - cabinets and other elements can be fixed directly to the wall and they can be used in structural assemblies.


Comfort Beneath Your Feet

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • For use on concrete basement floors
  • Offers improved comfort
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to work with
  • Convenient dimensions (24" x 48") significantly reducing number of joints
  • Quick installation
  • Only basic tools required
  • Jobsite remains clean
  • All types of floor coverings can be installed on it (ceramic, hardwood, engineered wood, floating floor, etc.)


  • Do not contain any harmful substances
  • Are composed of Type II expanded polystyrene, factory bonded with an FRCC (Fibreglass Reinforced Ceramic Cement) 2-ply shiplap overlay
  • Can be installed as a fixed or floating sub-floor
  • Provide a hard surface onto which any type of floor can be installed
  • Grooved grid on underside allows concrete to breathe and permits any moisture to flow toward floor drain
  • Unique shiplap joint on FRCC board prevents moisture from seeping through
  • Have enough flexibility to compensate for uneven floor slab
  • Type II expanded polystyrene is waterproof and does not rot
  • Our expanded polystyrene contains some recycled plastic
  • FRCC boards are composed of minerals, wood fibres, fibreglass mesh and water (without any additional binding agents)
  • FRCC boards do not delaminate or rot - mold does not grow on them, even when immersed in water
  • FRCC boards are rodent and insect repellent

Elements are laid as a floating floor installation with each one overlapping onto the next or glued to the concrete slab.

Floating floor installation when:

Laying carpet or laminated floating floor

Glue to concrete slab when:

Installing ceramic or hardwood floor 

Physical data

Thickness Surface
1-1/16" (27mm) 8 sq. ft.
Dimensions Edges
24" x 48" (610mm x 1220mm) Shiplap
Fire resistant
Impact resistant
Mold resistant
Termite resistant